Monday, 30 April 2012

my dear friends,

how do u celebrate ur moms day if ur at the hospital taking care of ur kids? that need to be in the hospital for such long period..months and years.. The sacrifice moms made for children with cancer, leukemia , terminal ill PRICELESS !!

those lucky one, u get a chance to treat ur mom for dinner, gifts or at least a spa treatment. and we,,being a mom at least we got to spend time with ALL our children.. that's PRICELESS !!

this year, let's do something different ♥ sharing the mom's love with the most strong mom in the world ..Little Warrior's mom !! Jomm.. there is no Grand Dinner, Spa treatment or Shopping treats ..just to spend 3 hours of your precious time with these strong women at ward KK3, HKL.

another project by
myTINA Project Charity. We are organizing a gift day for the Little Warriors wishlist. All gifts for the Little Warriors was sponsored by my lovely friends. On that day, we will distribute the wishlist that we gathered from the kids earlier. 

As for the moms , im still looking for contributions / sponsors for 70 shawls. Buy ONE lovely shawl for the moms .. it's the thought from u that count the most !! Would u guys care to join me?

If ur interested to contribute a SHAWL for the mom or come as volunteers, please PM/comment or email at : with ur name and contact no. U can also sms at : 011-1632 5341 - PINK. 

Let's reach out to them.. Let's give them HOPE... Let's show them that we do CARE. Sharing our thoughts ..sharing our love ...with Little Warriors and their strength - moms !!

The deadline for contributions/sponsors/ collections of shawls will be 8th May, 2012. 

Thank you my friends ♥ Sharing is caring

le'quote :

Giving is a joy if we do it in the right spirit. It all depends on whether we think of it as "What can I spare? " or as "What can I share? "--Esther Baldwin York 

sample of shawls

sample of shawl

a shawl for lovely mom

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