Monday, 30 April 2012

my dear friends,

how do u celebrate ur moms day if ur at the hospital taking care of ur kids? that need to be in the hospital for such long period..months and years.. The sacrifice moms made for children with cancer, leukemia , terminal ill PRICELESS !!

those lucky one, u get a chance to treat ur mom for dinner, gifts or at least a spa treatment. and we,,being a mom at least we got to spend time with ALL our children.. that's PRICELESS !!

this year, let's do something different ♥ sharing the mom's love with the most strong mom in the world ..Little Warrior's mom !! Jomm.. there is no Grand Dinner, Spa treatment or Shopping treats ..just to spend 3 hours of your precious time with these strong women at ward KK3, HKL.

another project by
myTINA Project Charity. We are organizing a gift day for the Little Warriors wishlist. All gifts for the Little Warriors was sponsored by my lovely friends. On that day, we will distribute the wishlist that we gathered from the kids earlier. 

As for the moms , im still looking for contributions / sponsors for 70 shawls. Buy ONE lovely shawl for the moms .. it's the thought from u that count the most !! Would u guys care to join me?

If ur interested to contribute a SHAWL for the mom or come as volunteers, please PM/comment or email at : with ur name and contact no. U can also sms at : 011-1632 5341 - PINK. 

Let's reach out to them.. Let's give them HOPE... Let's show them that we do CARE. Sharing our thoughts ..sharing our love ...with Little Warriors and their strength - moms !!

The deadline for contributions/sponsors/ collections of shawls will be 8th May, 2012. 

Thank you my friends ♥ Sharing is caring

le'quote :

Giving is a joy if we do it in the right spirit. It all depends on whether we think of it as "What can I spare? " or as "What can I share? "--Esther Baldwin York 

sample of shawls

sample of shawl

a shawl for lovely mom

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nadia wish list

salam ,,
here goes our lucky number 1 in the myTINA wish list
little sweet warrior ~ NADIA SHAZLINA

Artis yg saya suka - Lisa Surihani
Barang yg saya suka : PSP
Impian Saya - ingin cepat sembuh dan dapat ke sekolah seperti biasa dan menjadi seorang yang berjaya dalam hidup

and... guess who came on Friday, 30th March to ward KK3, HKL

lovely Lisa is giving her inspiring words for Nadia <3

all happy faces : me, aunty Mira, Lisa Surihani , Nadia and Kak Siti (Nadia's mom)

Nadia wishes to meet Lisa Surihani came true..
thanks to Lisa Surihani and aunty Mira for making her wishes come true ..
thanks so much to Rhye too for helping me arranging this visit

nadia sayang, next tunggu ur PSP coming ye.. insyaaAllah

for Nadia,,, be strong
aunty Lynn doakan semoga Nadia cepat sembuh dan dapat  ke sekolah seperti biasa dan menjadi seorang yang berjaya dalam hidup
aminn ya'robbal alamin

le'quote :
Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

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Monday, 26 March 2012

myTINA wish list

"myTINA wish list" - is a compilations of WISH LIST from all Little Warriors in HKL. 
Earlier, I have distributed the forms to the children and finally got it back recently ♥. 
Their wish lists is our project now
We hope to make their dreams come true
U can be part of myTINA wish list too ..helping the Little Warriors to fulfill their dreams and hope.
 I will post their wish list from time to time here.. 
Do contact me if u interested to join me bringing their dream list into reality 
Sharing is caring

myTINA wish list from Little Warriors

le'quote :
Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

a thank you note


alhamdulillah..myTINA project - School Holidays was an awesome event 
little warriors excited  .. caretakers happy.. volunteers felt blessed 
as for the people behind the scene - those generous contributors .. nothing can express my appreciations to them
nothing is possible without you guys ..

from the bottom of my heart ..
i would like you guys to accept 
a myTINA badges .. handmade by me and my children
as a token of appreciation ..
for u to remember US .. family of myTINA project   

myTINA badge with a thank you note for u

i will post this to all contributors
i really hope that i am able to send these to all of them ..
as some of them yet to give me their postal address 

thank you ..thank you ..thank you ..thank you ..thank you ..thank you ..thank you ..

le'quote :

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

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Friday, 23 March 2012

the DAY !!

with more than 50 volunteers came on 18th March 2012 in Institut Pediatrik, HKL at 3pm..
we managed to bring ;
 2 clowns 
 BIG BLUE BAGS full of toys and collectible items 
activities bag for little warriors
birthday cake
food and more food ... 

everybody is happy
little warriors was so excited
some cried of happiness
we were all united , here in ward KK3 - HKL to bring joy & excitement
 we try to make their school holidays the most memorable one
and we did it !! each of u did it !!
the contributors, the volunteers, the photographer , the videographer, 
all of us did play a role to make the day THE most amazing day for everyone

here .. i let the pictures tell the thousand stories 
may all of us rich with blessing
thank you so muchies 
without each of you , nothing is possible !!
jia yu ..jia yu ..

photos credit to : abg ucop @ yusof jaafar
thanks to photographer : abg ucop @ yusof jaafar
videographer : ayam @ shahrul imaran

le'quote :

Happiness is made to be shared

sharing is caring